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It is the mission of the Richland County Veteran's Memorial Committee to honor Veterans of Richland County, Wisconsin…those who have served, those who are serving, and those who will serve.
In March 2003, the Richland County Veteran's Memorial Committee was formed because it was felt that Richland County was long overdue for a Veteran's memorial. This memorial, dedicated to all Veterans of Richland County, starting with the War of 1812, honors those who have served, who are serving and who will serve. It lists names of individuals who have been military personnel of a war, conflict, or in peacetime, a resident of Richland County at some period in their life and who have been honorably discharged by the military (names are being verified).

It not only is a source of county history for generations to come, it is an amazing asset to our community. The design is honoring each wartime period and includes colors and textures familiar to that time period.